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RES RIVOEVOSOFIA“EnergeticEvolution Project” Category: WRITINGS.4 (English-Italian). “What are telling our scientists on futurism immortality?….

    30.9.2015 “Title: What are telling our scientists on futurism immortality? Who is currently working on this incredible project? That’s how it is organizing computer technology and what are the most dedicated researchers.” – “Titolo: Cosa dicono i nostri scienziati sul futurismo dell’immortalità?. Chi è attualmente impegnato in questo […]

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RES RIVOEVOSOFIA“EnergeticEvolution Project” Category: WRITINGS.2 (English-Italian) “The Ergonauta goes to the day-night cycle….

25.9.2015 – “The Ergonauta goes to the day-night cycle, especially at night, such an extraordinary adventure. A Ergonauta evolves from its ancient avatar “siddha yogi.” The stories start with the new categories “Short Writings”.” – “L’Ergonauta va al ciclo notte-giorno, soprattutto di notte, come ad un’avventura straordinaria. Un Ergonauta evolve […]

RES RIVOEVOSOFIA“EnergeticEvolution Project” Category: WRITINGS.1 (English-Italian) “Meditation, rituals, mantra, yantra and mandala, evolve….

24.9.2015 “Meditation, rituals, mantra, yantra and mandala, evolve. Biological evolution goes asymptote and continues with technological change (see “Singularity is near” the scientist Ray Kurzweil). RES initiation practices for energetic evolution.” – “Meditazione, riti, mantra, yantra e mandala, si evolvono. L’evoluzione biologica va in asintoto e prosegue con l’evoluzione tecnologica […]

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RES RIVOEVOSOFIA 8.5.2015 “Ev.Energy” EnglishSpanishFrenchItalian – Work of art chosen to introduce evolutionary history.

Photography surrealism Eagel plana “artist unknown” Cover: originally shared Klaus P google+ Originally shared Marie Vlieghe google+ English text – Title: An evolutionary history, those of which the human species needs, especially now that produces an unbelievable amount of shapes and images through a computerized communication technology and without knowing […]