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RES RIVOEVOSOFIA 9.8.2015 “Ev.En.Project” Category: CURIOSITY. “The last connection. From ancient natha-siddha-yogi, to Harvard, to “nanites” with predictions of scientist Ray Kurzweil”.

English-Italian English text. NUMBER V, Ep. 18 – Television series police-type, with FBI investigations. The protagonist is a computer expert and algorithms. He predicts the moves most twisted murderers and his cooperation with the FBI, saves many lives, solving intricate cases. Computer technology is king and at one point the […]


F - A - Eagle nebula a

RES RIVOEVOSOFIA 8.8.2015 “Ev.En.Project” Category: CURIOSITY. “Fringe III, Ep.15. The experiments “LSD” of Leary, University ‘of Harvard. The ancient natha-siddha yogi. The artificial intelligence, and more …..”

English-Italian HOME. English text. FRINGE III, Ep. 15 – Cast Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown. THRILLER 60’ – Stati Uniti D’america, 2010 Little Peter realizes that it is not in his house and would like to go back. Elisabeth tries to convince him that his memories are […]